Travel Tips

A few tips when you set off to travel in India:-

Solo Travel: In solo travel, one needs to:

  • Carry whatever items or clothes you will require depending on the places you intend to travel. Basically have a light backpack.
  • Use public transport liberally while you’re in your destination town.Not only will it help you save a lot, you can get to experience the local unexplored flavor in a better manner.
  • Use the train to travel to whichever destination you intend to go to. It’s one of the best ways to explore the diverse ethnicity and culture of India. Overnight train journeys can be done in sleeper class(you can save a lot on accommodation if you want to embark on short distance journeys within 600 km). If the journey time exceeds more than 12-14 hours, it’s better to travel in the Air-Conditioned coaches.

Tip: One can get an open(unreserved) ticket at the counter and pay the difference to the TTE in whichever type of reserved coach you board.In major metro cities or railway junctions, one can get a current ticket(reserved ticket after chart preparation) at the station itself. For remote places,a shared taxi or a bus would be the only option as flights/trains reach only up to a certain distance of a destination you have planned.

  • Keep a map or a written list of place you intend to cover in the desired town you want to explore
  • Knowing the local language,at least a few basic phrases to strike a conversation will be very advantageous and the local folk will come forward to help you with all your queries(especially in Southern India).If not, Hindi too can be managed in most of the hinterland regions.
  • For food, use herd mentality and you can get to eat a tasty and sumptuous meal.
  • Keep a few emergency contact numbers written on a piece of paper and put it in your bag and wallet.
  • Carry your medicines if you are under medication, since you can hardly get your prescribed medicines in the countryside.
  • For a solo woman traveler, its advisable to carry a pepper spray and a pocket knife for your safety.
  • Keep in constant contact with your near and dear ones so that they know where you are and gives the a reassuring feeling.
  • Carry a water bottle with you always to prevent yourself from dehydration.


Travel By  Motorcycle :  This is actually my most preferred mode and the website name justifies it. Bikers are admired and respected in any place one travels to. Motorcyclists are the most vulnerable on the road and one needs to take utmost care while on the road so that your travel takes place smoothly. A few points to remember before starting that engine to munch miles. Similar tips can be followed for Cars as well.

  • Always wear a helmet, jacket and gloves before you start the bike.
  • Make sure the helmet visor is transparent and clean for better visibility.
  • Check for the correct levels of fluids i.e. Engine oil, Brake oil and Coolant.
  • Check if the electrical Ex: Lights, turn indicators and horn is in working condition.
  • Get the vehicle checked by a good mechanic a few days before the ride so that if any problem persists, you can get it fixed before the ride.
  • Check the Tyres and fill the appropriate tire pressures.
  • Tank up the motorcycle the previous night before the ride.
  • Your physical and mental presence is needed when you are on the road at all times. If you feel fatigued, stop the vehicle and relax for a few minutes and eat light. It’s ideal to stop for a break after every 100 km/1.5 hours.
  • Carry your Driving Licence and vehicle papers always.
  • Maintain a speed of 80-110 km/h on the highways and 60 km/h on the hills.

Remember: Consistent speeds will not get you tired quickly,will get ample time for an emergency maneuver and better fuel efficiency. 

  • Avoid riding after dusk as the visibility reduces drastically and riskier to ride. Moreover there are more instances of kidnapping or robbery at night.

Travel In a Group : Travelling with friends is always fun and each one will be in our own comfort zones. Well, it needs to be planned much in advance cause everything planned in your itinerary goes on smooth.

  • Book your accommodation at least a week before your departure. If you’re heading to the mountains, go for home stays. If your heading towards the beach, hit to the shacks or a beach side resort/hotel.
  • If you’re travelling by bus/train/plane, get your tickets booked a fortnight before the travel.
  • Everyone stay together as group while trekking or visiting places.
  • For group riding/driving, follow a file system so that the traffic does not get interrupted.
  • For one-day trips to a remote place or a forest, pack food and set off as most of the places, you might hardly get food.
  • If you’re travelling by train, there will be policemen patrolling coaches at night, so don’t try any creepy stuff.




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